The Unbeatable Team of Efficiency

• 96.8% AHRI efficiency, highest in the industry


• Symmetrical Firetube Heat Exchanger


• HeatNet  3.0  onboard Boiler Management System


• Remote Monitoring

• Low NOx & CO

• 94% efficiency


• Smart Modularity with Built-In Redundancy


• High Capacity in a Compact Unit


• High turn-down to meet demand


•  Works on Low 2.5” WC Gas Pressure

telliBot is not only a state-of-the-art, IoT and Wi-Fi enabled, smart condensate neutralizer, it can also “smartify” your boiler room through robotic controls that transform every water heater or boiler into a smart device.

  • Monitoring & Predictive Analytics - We monitor the supply/return temperatures of any water heater or boiler, and send alerts for any out of range activity. In addition, we predict the health of your unit based on historical performance.

  • Water Leakage & Condensate Backup - We monitor for any leaks that might be starting and will alert you if that happens.

  • Carbon Monoxide and flue-gas leakage - We monitor for any Carbon Monoxide and flue-gas leakage and will alert you if that happens.

  • Neutralizer media - We monitor the media usage and send you the neutralizer media before it is used up.

  • Remote On/Off - In the event that the condensate is blocked, telliBot can turn off the water heater or boiler via a remote interlock output.

  • Buzzer/Alarm - telliBot has an audible buzzer and a visual alarm to alert building personnel about any issues.